Q: A friend sent me a carrot but I didn’t receive it in app, where is it?
A: Carrots arrive by SMS before you are a “connected friend” with another user, which requires adding each other mutually, or clicking on the link in the SMS

Q: What do I do if I’m not receiving notifications from Carrot?
A: Go to settings on your device and click on the Carrot app to ensure notifications are enabled, then go to My Account in the app, sign out and log back in

Q: Do I need a cellular phone to use the app?
A: Yes, iOS or Android operating system

Q: Is the app available in every country?
A: Yes, except Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba due to sanctions

Q: Is the app available in languages other than English?
A: No, but it will be, other translations are coming soon

Q: Does deleting my account close it permanently?
A: Yes, the account will be deleted permanently, and any coins or NFTs will be lost and cannot be retrieved

Use of the App

Q: Can I receive a carrot message from someone I don’t know?
A: Yes, if a person has your cellular number, they can send you a carrot and you will receive it by SMS

Q: Can I prevent someone from sending me carrot messages?
A: Yes, you can block them in the app

Q: Can I send a carrot message to someone that doesn’t have the app?
A: Yes, they will receive the carrot as an SMS and can respond before downloading the app to get their coins

Q: If a friend doesn’t respond to my carrot message in 24 hours, or fails in 2 minutes, do I get my coins back?
A: Yes, the coins are returned to you as soon as the 24 hours expire, or the 2-minute timer times out

Q: Can I delete a daily dig response?
A: Yes, press down and hold to delete, which will not only delete it off your device, but off the carrot app completely so no other users can view it

Q: Why is there a gold thumbs up even though I didn’t vote for a user’s Daily Dig response?
A: If the thumbs up doesn’t have a circle around it, then it is just an indicator of how many thumbs up the user received before their 24-hour window ended in their time zone



Q: Will I be able to transfer Carrot Coins and NFTs out of the app?
A: Yes, using Wallet Connect to transfer to MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Q: Where can I exchange my Carrot Coins if I choose not to use them?
A: Uniswap currently has a pool if you do not want to use your coins in the app, but we do not endorse or work with Uniswap or any other exchange

Q: Does the company charge a fee for transferring Carrot Coins or NFTs out of the app?
A: Yes, the fee is necessary to cover the cost of processing and gas fees on the blockchain

Q: Are Carrot Coins a real cryptocurrency?
A: Yes, they are tokens, identified as CRTC, on the Polygon blockchain

Q: Is my Carrot Coin balance stored on the app’s servers?
A: Yes, until you transfer the coins out of the app to an external wallet

Q: Can I trust that my Carrot Coins are stored safely away from thieves and hackers?
A: Yes, Carrot Coins are stored offline away from hacker access, and protected by multiple keyholders

Q: I sent the wrong amount of coins to a friend, can I get a refund?
A: No, sent carrots are final, irreversible and coins sent cannot be refunded

Q: I don’t see Carrot Coin listed in my wallet, nor on Uniswap, how do I find it?
A: You will need to add it manually by selecting the Polygon blockchain and inputting the CRTC contract address



Q: When I pick an NFT as a pic to send a carrot, does the NFT get transferred to my friend?
A: No, you keep the NFT and can use it to send carrots to friends as many times as you want

Q: I purchased an NFT accidentally, can I get a refund?
A: No, NFT purchases are final, irreversible and non-refundable

Q: Will I receive an email confirmation if my NFT submission is rejected?
A: No, you will only receive an email if accepted, as the team may review and purchase in the future

Q: If I submitted an NFT when will I hear back if it is accepted?
A: Depends, the team reviews as received and typically responds in a week if purchased, but it can take longer

Q: Do you accept NFT submissions minted on any other blockchain other than Polygon?
A: No, we currently only accept NFTs minted on Polygon

Q: Where can I sell my NFTs if I choose not to use them?
A: OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace, but we do not endorse or work with any third party marketplaces



Q: Does the company collect data about me to sell to others?
A: No, your signup info is only used in app, and will never be sold to third parties

Q: Are my messages in the app private?
A: Yes, chat messages are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be viewed by Carrot or anyone other than the recipient

Q: Can I chat with a user that isn’t my friend?
A: No, chat is only enabled between connected friends

Q: Can I send a carrot message to any user in the app?
A: No, you can only send carrots to people if you have their cellular number

Q: Can I choose to be a friend with another user in the app?
A: No, both users need to independently choose to be connected by either adding contact, or clicking on link in SMS


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